English syllables. 2014.

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  • peripherad — pəˈrifəˌrad adverb Etymology: peripher + ad : toward the periphery the region of the rete peripherad L.B.Arey …   Useful english dictionary

  • peripherad — adverb towards the periphery …   Wiktionary

  • peripherad — In a direction toward the periphery. [G. periphereia, periphery, + L. ad, to] * * * pe·riph·er·ad pə rif ə .rad adj toward the periphery * * * pe·riph·er·ad (pə rifґər əd) toward the periphery …   Medical dictionary

  • periphery — noun a) The outside boundary, parts or surface of something. The suburbs are a citys periphery b) A first rank administrative division of Greece, subdivided in provinces. Ant: center …   Wiktionary

  • peripher- — combining form or periphero Etymology: periphery 1. : periphery peripherad : peripheral peripheroneural …   Useful english dictionary

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