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  • phlycténule — ● phlycténule nom féminin Petite bulle, semblable à celle que l on observe sur la cornée dans la kératite phlycténulaire. ⇒PHLYCTÉNULE, subst. fém. PATHOL. ,,Phlyctène de petites dimensions (Méd. Biol. t.3 1972). Prononc.:[fliktenyl]. Étymol. et… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • phlyctenule — [flik ten′yool] n. 〚ModL phlyctenula: see PHLYCTENA & ULE〛 a small phlyctena phlyctenular adj. * * * …   Universalium

  • phlyctenule — [flik ten′yool] n. [ModL phlyctenula: see PHLYCTENA & ULE] a small phlyctena phlyctenular adj …   English World dictionary

  • Phlyctenule — A phlyctenule is medical term for a small whitish bump or blister found on eye. It is to one or more discreet spots on the eye, has visible small blood vessels. It is a collection of white blood cells (primarily polymorphonuclear leukocytes and… …   Wikipedia

  • phlyctenule — SYN: phlyctenula. * * * phlyc·te·nule flik ten (.)yü(ə)l, flik tə .n(y)ü(ə)l n a small vesicle or pustule esp one on the conjunctiva or cornea of the eye * * * phlyc·ten·ule (flikґtən ūl) [L. phlyctaenula; Gr. phlyktaina blister] a… …   Medical dictionary

  • phlyctenule — nˌyül noun ( s) Etymology: New Latin phlyctenula : a small vesicle or pustule; especially : one on the conjunctiva or cornea of the eye …   Useful english dictionary

  • phlyctenula — A small red nodule of lymphoid cells, with ulcerated apex, occurring in the conjunctiva. SYN: phlyctenule. [Mod. L. dim. of G. phlyktaina, blister] * * * phlyc·ten·u·la (flik tenґu lə) pl. phlyctenґulae [L.] phlyctenule …   Medical dictionary

  • flictenulă — FLICTENÚLĂ s.f. Flictenă mică. [< fr. phlycténule]. Trimis de LauraGellner, 13.09.2007. Sursa: DN  FLICTENÚLĂ s. f. flictenă mică. (< fr. phlycténule) Trimis de raduborza, 15.09.2007. Sursa: MDN …   Dicționar Român

  • phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis — keratoconjunctivitis marked by the formation of a phlyctenule at the corneal limbus; it has been associated with malnutrition, tuberculosis, and staphylococcus sensitivity. Called also phlyctenular keratitis, phlyctenular ophthalmia, and strumous …   Medical dictionary

  • phlyctenoid — ēˌnȯid adjective Etymology: New Latin phlyctena + English oid : resembling a phlyctenule …   Useful english dictionary

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