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  • potentiometrically — adverb a) In a potentiometric manner; with regard to potentiometry b) By use of a potentiometer …   Wiktionary

  • potentiometrically — adv. with a potentiometer (instrument used to measure electrical potential) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • potentiometrically — adverb see potentiometric …   Useful english dictionary

  • Gran plot — NOTOC NOEDITSECTION The equivalence volume is used to compute whichever of [H^+] {0^{ or [OH^ ] {0^{ is unknown. The pH meter is usually calibrated with buffer solutions at known pH values before starting the titration. The ionic strength can be… …   Wikipedia

  • Thermometric titration — titration systems have pre dominated in this area since the 1970 s. With the advent of cheap computers able to handle the powerful thermometric titration software, development has now reached the stage where easy to use automated thermometric… …   Wikipedia

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