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  • pyopoiesis — SYN: suppuration. [pyo + G. poiesis, a making] * * * pyo·poi·e·sis (pi″o poi eґsis) pyogenesis. pyopoietic adj …   Medical dictionary

  • pyopoiesis — ˌpīə+ noun Etymology: New Latin, from py + poiesis : the formation of pus …   Useful english dictionary

  • pyogenesis — SYN: suppuration. [pyo + G. genesis, production] * * * pyo·gen·e·sis (pi″o jenґə sis) [pyo + genesis] the formation of pus; cf. suppuration. Called also pyopoiesis …   Medical dictionary

  • suppuration — The formation of pus. SYN: pyesis, pyogenesis, pyopoiesis, pyosis. [L. suppuratio (see suppurate)] * * * sup·pu·ra·tion .səp yə rā shən n the formation of, conversion into, or process of discharging pus <an abscess is a localized area of… …   Medical dictionary

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