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  • autocytolysis — SYN: autolysis. * * * au·to·cy·tol·y·sis .ȯt ō sī täl ə səs n, pl y·ses .sēz autolysis of cells * * * au·to·cy·tol·y·sis (aw″to si tolґĭ sis) autolysis …   Medical dictionary

  • autocytolysis — “+ noun (plural autocytolyses) Etymology: New Latin, from aut + cyt + lysis : autolysis of cells …   Useful english dictionary

  • Autolysis — The enzymatic digestion of cells by enzymes present within them. The cells most susceptible to autolysis tend to be dying or dead cells. Pronounced aw tol´i sis. * * * 1. Enzymatic digestion of cells (especially dead or degenerate) by enzymes… …   Medical dictionary

  • Автоцитолиз — * аўтацытоліз * autocytolysis самопереваривание, саморазрушение клетки …   Генетика. Энциклопедический словарь

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