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  • Rwandan — I noun a native or inhabitant of Rwanda • Hypernyms: ↑African • Member Holonyms: ↑Rwanda, ↑Rwandese Republic, ↑Ruanda II adjective of or pertaining to Rwanda …   Useful english dictionary

  • Rwandan — 1. noun a) A person from Rwanda or of Rwandan descent. b) Kinyarwanda 2. adjective Of, from, or pertaining to Rwanda, the Rwandan people or language …   Wiktionary

  • Rwandan — n. resident of Rwanda (country in Africa), person of Rwandan descent adj. pertaining to Rwanda (country in Africa); from Rwanda …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Rwandan Genocide — Background History of Rwanda Origins of Tutsi and Hutu Kingdom of Rwanda Rwandan Civil War Hutu Power Ass …   Wikipedia

  • Rwandan Defence Forces — Rwanda Defence Forces Forces Rwandaises de Défense Founded 1962 Current form 1994 Service branches Army, Air Force, Reserve Force Headquarters Post Box 23, Kigali …   Wikipedia

  • Rwandan Civil War — Warbox conflict= Rwandan Civil War campaign= colour scheme=background:#bbcccc caption= Map of Rwanda with towns and roads date= October 1, 1990 August 4, 1993 place= Rwanda result= Arusha Accords, The Genocide began combatant1= FAR. Also elements …   Wikipedia

  • Rwandan Patriotic Front — The Rwandan Patriotic Front (also translated as: Rwandese Patriotic Front; or referred to as: Patriotic Front of Rwanda) abbreviated as RPF (also often referred to as FPR from French: Front patriotique rwandais ) is the current ruling political… …   Wikipedia

  • Rwandan cuisine — Location of Rwanda The cuisine of Rwanda is based on local staple foods produced by the traditional subsistence level agriculture and has historically varied between the country s different ethnic groups.[1] …   Wikipedia

  • Rwandan parliamentary election, 2008 — A parliamentary election was held in Rwanda from 15 September to 18 September 2008. There were 80 seats at stake in the Chamber of Deputies, 53 directly elected and 27 indirectly elected. [ id=1 click id=68… …   Wikipedia

  • Rwandan Cup — The Rwandan Cup is the top knockout tournament of the Rwandan football. It was created in 1975. Winners *1975 : Kiyovu Sports (Kigali) *1976 : Rayon Sport (Nyanza) *1978 : Mukura Victory Sports (Butare) *1979 : Rayon Sport (Nyanza) *1980 :… …   Wikipedia

  • Rwandan Survivors — There are an estimated 300,000 survivors of the Rwandan genocide.The 2007 report on the living conditions of survivors conducted by the Ministry in charge of Social Affairs in Rwanda reported the following situation of survivors: [cite… …   Wikipedia

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