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  • spasmoneme — Contractile organelle found in Vorticella and related ciliate protozoans. Capable of shortening faster than any actin myosin system, and of expanding actively. See spasmin …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • spasmoneme — ˈspazməˌnēm noun ( s) Etymology: spasm + o + neme : a contractile filament (as in various stalked protozoans) …   Useful english dictionary

  • myoneme — Contractile organelle of ciliate protozoans; referred to as M bands in Stentor, where they are composed of 8 10nm tubular fibrils. The spasmoneme of peritrich ciliates was originally called a myoneme …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • spasmin — Protein (20 kD) that forms the spasmoneme. Thought to change its shape when the calcium ion concentration rises, and to revert when the calcium concentration falls: the reversible shape change is used as a motor mechanism. Contraction does not… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Vorticella — Genus of ciliate protozoa. It has a bell shaped body with a belt of cilia round the mouth of the bell, to sweep food particles towards the mouth and a long stalk, connecting it to the substratum, which contains the contractile spasmoneme …   Dictionary of molecular biology

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