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  • thisness — noun The qualities, properties or characteristics of a thing which make it a particular thing …   Wiktionary

  • thisness — ˈthisnə̇s noun ( es) Etymology: translation of Medieval Latin haecceitas : the quality in a thing of being here and now or such as it is : the concrete objective reality of a thing : haecceity …   Useful english dictionary

  • Robert Merrihew Adams — For other persons named Robert Adams, see Robert Adams (disambiguation) Robert Merrihew Adams (Bob Adams; born 1937) is an American philosopher of metaphysics, religion and morality. Adams taught for many years at UCLA before moving to Yale… …   Wikipedia

  • Haecceity — (from the Latin haecceitas , which translates as thisness ) is a term from medieval philosophy first coined by Duns Scotus which denotes the discrete qualities, properties or characteristics of a thing which make it a particular thing. Haecceity… …   Wikipedia

  • Counterpart theory — In philosophy, specifically in the area of modal metaphysics, counterpart theory is an alternative to standard (Kripkean) possible worlds semantics for interpreting quantified modal logic. Counterpart theory still presupposes possible worlds, but …   Wikipedia

  • Duns Scotus — John Duns Scotus John Duns Scotus Full name John Duns Scotus Born c. 1265 Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland Died 8 November 1308 Cologne, Germany …   Wikipedia

  • Квантовая метафизика — (микрометафизика) (quantum metaphysics, micrometaphysics)    метафизика предельно малых, логически узких, конкретных понятий и внепонятийных единичностей, элементарных мыслимостей. Это метафизики не духа или бытия, а сада, дерева, кухни, посуды …   Проективный философский словарь

  • Empiricism — John Locke, a leading philosopher of British empiricism This article is about the field of philosophy. For the album by Borknagar, see Empiricism (album). Empiricism is a theory of knowledge that asserts that knowledge comes only or primarily via …   Wikipedia

  • List of philosophy topics (R-Z) — RRaRabad Rabbinic law Rabbinic theology Francois Rabelais François Rabelais race racetrack paradox racism Gustav Radbruch Janet Radcliffe Richards Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan radical Aristotelianism radical behaviourism radical feminism radical… …   Wikipedia

  • Oneness (concept) — Oneness is a spiritual term referring to the experience of the absence of egoic identity boundaries, and, according to some traditions, the perception of an absolute unity of all matter and thought in space time, or one s ultimate identity with… …   Wikipedia

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