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  • thymectomize — transitive verb see thymectomy …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • thymectomize — thy·mec·to·mize also Brit thy·mec·to·mise thī mek tə .mīz vt, mized also Brit mised; miz·ing also Brit mis·ing to subject to thymectomy <rats thymectomized at birth> * * * thy·mec·to·mize (thi mekґtə mīz) to remove the thymus… …   Medical dictionary

  • thymectomize — thīˈmektəˌmīz transitive verb ( ed/ ing/ s) Etymology: thymectomy + ize : to excise the thymus of …   Useful english dictionary

  • thymectomy — noun (plural mies) Date: circa 1905 surgical removal of the thymus • thymectomize transitive verb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • thym- — I. combining form or thymo Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary, from Latin thymum more at thyme 1. : thyme …   Useful english dictionary

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