English syllables. 2014.

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  • thyroidism — Obsolete designation for: 1. SYN: hyperthyroidism. 2. Poisoning by overdoses of a thyroid extract …   Medical dictionary

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  • hyperthyroidism — An abnormality of the thyroid gland in which secretion of thyroid hormone is usually increased and is no longer under regulatory control of hypothalamic pituitary centers; characterized by a hypermetabolic state, usually with weight loss,… …   Medical dictionary

  • EU — EU; Eu; eu·arc·tos; eu·as·ca·les; eu·ascomycetes; eu·as·co·my·cet·i·dae; eu·ascomycetous; eu·aster; eu·bacteria; eu·bac·te·ri·a·les; eu·bacterium; eu·ba·sid·i·ae; eu·ba·sid·ii; eu·bo·ic; eu·branchipus; eu·bryales; eu·caine; eu·cai·rite;… …   English syllables

  • euthyroidism — eu·thyroidism …   English syllables

  • hyperthyroidism — hy·per·thyroidism …   English syllables

  • hypothyroidism — hy·po·thyroidism …   English syllables

  • thyroid —   a.,n. (denoting or pertaining to) large ductless gland of the neck, the hormone of which influences growth, etc.    ♦ thyroidism, n. deficient thyroid action.    ♦ thyrocale,   n. goitre.    ♦ thyrogenic, a. due to thyroid action.    ♦… …   Dictionary of difficult words

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