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Поможем написать реферат

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  • TLER — steht für: Time Limited Error Recovery, deutsch zeitbeschränkte Fehlerbehebung, ein Feature von Western Digital Festplatten für den Einsatz in RAID Arrays TL ER steht für: Ermera (Distrikt), ISO 3166 2 Code des Distriktes in Osttimor Diese Seit …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • tler — bee·tler; be·lit·tler; bot·tler; bus·tler; cut·tler; dis·man·tler; epis·tler; fet·tler; foo·tler; hos·tler; hus·tler; jos·tler; ket·tler; mot·tler; nes·tler; net·tler; os·tler·ess; prat·tler; rat·tler; rus·tler; scut·tler; set·tler; shut·tler;… …   English syllables

  • tlèr — telaiodaricamo, arnese in legno ingenere …   Dizionario Materano

  • be|lit´tler — be|lit|tle «bih LIHT uhl», transitive verb, tled, tling. 1. to make seem little or unimportant; make less important; make little of; speak slightingly of: »Jealous people belittled the explorer s great discoveries. SYNONYM(S): depreciate;… …   Useful english dictionary

  • bot|tler — «BOT luhr», noun. a person or machine that bottles beverages or other liquids …   Useful english dictionary

  • bus´tler — bus|tle1 «BUHS uhl», verb, tled, tling, noun. –v.i. to be noisily busy and in a hurry: »The children bustled to get ready for the party. Let the great world bustle on (Emerson). –v.t. to make (someone) hurry or work hard: »The jolly old man… …   Useful english dictionary

  • chor´tler — chor|tle «CHR tuhl», verb, tled, tling, noun. –v.i., v.t. to chuckle or snort with glee: »He chortled in his joy (Lewis Carroll). –n. a gleeful chuckle or snort. ╂[(coined by Lewis Carroll) a blend of chuckle and snort] –chor´tler, noun …   Useful english dictionary

  • dis|man|tler — «dihs MAN tluhr», noun. a person who dismantles or strips …   Useful english dictionary

  • e|pis|tler — «ih PIHS luhr», noun. 1. the writer of an epistle. 2. Ecclesiastical. epistoler …   Useful english dictionary

  • foo´tler — foo|tle «FUT uhl, FOO tuhl», verb, tled, tling, noun, adjective. Slang. –v.i. to talk or act foolishly; trifle. –n. twaddle; nonsense. –adj. paltry; trifling. ╂[perhaps < footer, variant of fouter] …   Useful english dictionary

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