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  • Tragal pressure — Pressure that is applied to the cartilage at the front, or anterior aspect of the ear canal (called the tragus), closing the canal and increasing pressure on the tympanic membrane (ear drum) [ 04… …   Wikipedia

  • tragal — Relating to the tragus. * * * tra·gal (traґgəl) pertaining to the tragus …   Medical dictionary

  • tragal — ˈtrāgəl adjective Etymology: New Latin tragus + English al : of or relating to the tragus …   Useful english dictionary

  • Lamina — A plate or layer. For example, the lamina arcus vertebrae, usually just called the lamina, are plates of bone in each vertebral body. * * * SYN: plate (1). SEE ALSO: layer, stratum. [L] l. affixa [TA] that part of the medial ependymal wall of the …   Medical dictionary

  • Facial nerve — Nerve: Facial nerve Cranial nerve VII The nerves of the scalp, face, and side of neck …   Wikipedia

  • Ear drop — Ear drops are a form of medicine used to treat or prevent ear infections, especially infections of the outer ear and ear canal (otitis externa). Bacterial infections are sometimes treated with antibiotics. Examples are: Ciprodex ear drops… …   Wikipedia

  • lamina tragi — [TA] tragal lamina: the longitudinal curved lamina of cartilage in the tragus of the auricle, at the beginning of the cartilaginous portion of the external acoustic meatus …   Medical dictionary

  • tragus — /ˈtreɪgəs/ (say trayguhs) noun (plural tragi /ˈtreɪdʒaɪ/ (say trayjuy)) a fleshy prominence at the front of the external opening of the ear. {Late Latin, from Greek tragos hairy part of ear (literally, goat) –tragal, adjective …  

  • Vespertilionidae — noun the majority of common bats of temperate regions of the world • Syn: ↑family Vespertilionidae • Hypernyms: ↑mammal family • Member Holonyms: ↑Microchiroptera, ↑suborder Microchiroptera …   Useful english dictionary

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