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  • Trichromacy — is the condition of possessing three independent channels for conveying color information, derived from the three different cone types. [ [ hilbert/Glossary.html Color Glossary ] ] Organisms with trichromacy are called… …   Wikipedia

  • trichromacy — noun The quality of having three independent channels for conveying color information in the eye. See Also: trichromat, trichromatic …   Wiktionary

  • trichromacy — tri·chro·ma·cy (tri kroґmə se) trichromatic vision …   Medical dictionary

  • trichromacy — noun the normal ability to see colors • Syn: ↑color vision, ↑chromatic vision • Hypernyms: ↑sight, ↑vision, ↑visual sense, ↑visual modality * * * noun see …   Useful english dictionary

  • anomalous trichromacy — anomalous trichromatic vision …   Medical dictionary

  • Evolution of color vision in primates — The evolution of color vision in primates is unique compared to most eutherian mammals. While our remote vertebrate ancestors possessed trichromacy, our nocturnal, warm blooded, mammalian ancestors lost one of three cones in the retina at the… …   Wikipedia

  • Color blindness — Colorblind and Colourblind redirect here. For other uses, see Colorblind (disambiguation). Color blindness or color deficiency Classification and external resources An 1895 illustration of normal vision and various kinds of color blindness …   Wikipedia

  • Color vision — White light shone onto a green surface is perceived as green by the human eye, and processed as such in the brain s visual cortex …   Wikipedia

  • Dichromacy — Classification and external resources ICD 10 H53.5 ICD 9 368.5 O …   Wikipedia

  • Monochromacy — Classification and external resources Monochromacy (an abnormality) is a disease state in human vision, native (normal) physiology for pinnipeds (such as Neophoca cinerea shown here), cetaceans, Owl Monkeys and other animals Monochromacy, also… …   Wikipedia

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