English syllables. 2014.

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  • desilverizer — de·sil·verizer …   English syllables

  • sil — sil·ane; sil·crete; sil·hou·et·tist; sil·i·ca; sil·i·cane; sil·i·ca·tion; sil·i·ca·ti·za·tion; sil·i·ca·tor; sil·i·cic·o·lous; sil·i·cide; sil·i·cif·er·ous; sil·i·ci·sponge; sil·i·ci·spon·gi·ae; sil·i·cize; sil·i·cle; sil·i·co·aluminate;… …   English syllables

  • pulver — /pulˈvər/ transitive verb (obsolete) To reduce to powder ORIGIN: L pulvis, pulveris powder • • • pulˈverable adjective (rare) pulverāˈtion noun (rare) Pulverization pulˈverine noun Barilla ash pulˈverīzable or …   Useful english dictionary

  • pulveriser — pulˈverīzer or pulˈverīser noun 1. Someone who pulverizes 2. A machine for pulverizing or for spraying • • • Main Entry: ↑pulver …   Useful english dictionary

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