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  • byrlawman — ˈbirˌlȯmən, ˈbiəˌl noun (plural byrlawmen) Etymology: Middle English, from birlawe + man : a local officer appointed at a court leet in northern England or in Scotland to perform such duties as framing byrlaws and administering petty justice …   Useful english dictionary

  • birlieman — ˈbirlēmən variant of byrlawman * * * birlieman /bûrˈ or birˈli mən/ (Walter Scott) noun same as ↑byrlaw man (see under ↑byrlaw) byrˈlaw man (Walter Scott birˈlieman) noun An arbiter, oddsman or umpire in such matters • • • Main Entry: ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • bylawman — ˈbīˌlȯmən noun (plural bylawmen) Etymology: by folk etymology : byrlawman …   Useful english dictionary

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