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  • Diaphoneme — In linguistics, a diaphoneme or diaphone is a phoneme viewed through its dialectal variants, called diaphonic variants or diaphonic allophones.[1] For example, the vowel that constitutes the English word eye /aɪ/ is pronounced d …   Wikipedia

  • diaphoneme — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Phoneme — This article is about the speech unit. For the JavaME library, see phoneME. In a language or dialect, a phoneme (from the Greek: φώνημα, phōnēma, a sound uttered ) is the smallest segmental unit of sound employed to form meaningful contrasts… …   Wikipedia

  • Diaphone — For the organ pipe, see Organ pipe#Diaphone pipes. For the linguistic term, see Diaphoneme. For Diaphone, the Noctuid moth species see Diaphone (moth) The diaphone was a noisemaking device best known for its use as a foghorn: it could produce… …   Wikipedia

  • diaphone — noun a) A kind of organ pipe. b) A sound signal which produces sound by means of a slotted piston moved back and forth by compressed air. See Also: diaphoneme, diaphonic …   Wiktionary

  • diaphonemic — adjective see diaphoneme …   Useful english dictionary

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