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  • diplocaulescent — |diplō+ adjective Etymology: dipl + caulescent : having axes of the second order used of a plant that cannot reproduce until after the production of secondary axes; compare haplocaulescent, triplocaulescent …   Useful english dictionary

  • haplocaulescent — |ha(ˌ)plō+ adjective Etymology: hapl + caulescent : having a simple axis used of a plant (as the poppy) capable of developing reproductive organs on the primary axis; compare diplocaulescent, triplocaulescent …   Useful english dictionary

  • triplocaulescent — |tri(ˌ)plō+ adjective Etymology: tripl + caulescent : lacking the capacity of reproduction until an axis of the third order is attained used of plants (as the common plantain) in which the primary axis produces foliage leaves, the secondary axis… …   Useful english dictionary

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