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  • endosteitis — end·os·te·itis .en .däs tē īt əs or end·os·ti·tis .däs tīt əs n inflammation of the endosteum * * * en·dos·te·itis (en dos″te iґtis) inflammation of the endosteum …   Medical dictionary

  • endosteitis — …   Useful english dictionary

  • endosteitis, endostitis — Inflammation of the endosteum or of the medullary cavity of a bone. SYN: central osteitis (2), perimyelitis. [endo + G. osteon, bone, + itis, inflammation] …   Medical dictionary

  • central osteitis — endosteitis …   Medical dictionary

  • perimyelitis — SYN: endosteitis. * * * peri·my·eli·tis (per″e mi″ə liґtis) 1. endosteitis. 2. spinal meningitis …   Medical dictionary

  • Osteitis — is inflammation of the bone. For example, patients with what is called the SAPHO syndrome develop osteitis the O in SAPHO stands for oteitis and the bone inflammation typically affects the sacroiliac joints (sacroiliitis) and the spine… …   Medical dictionary

  • endostitis — en·dos·ti·tis (en″dos tiґtis) endosteitis …   Medical dictionary

  • endostitis — noun see endosteitis …   Useful english dictionary

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