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  • episomally — adverb see episome …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • episomally — See episomal. * * * …   Universalium

  • episomally — adverb a) In an episomal manner b) With regard to an episome …   Wiktionary

  • episomally — adverb see episome …   Useful english dictionary

  • episome — noun Date: circa 1931 a genetic determinant (as the DNA of some bacteriophages) that can replicate autonomously in bacterial cytoplasm or as an integral part of the chromosomes • episomal adjective • episomally adverb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Plasmid — Figure 1: Illustration of a bacterium with plasmid enclosed showing chromosomal DNA and plasmids. In microbiology and genetics, a plasmid is a DNA molecule that is separate from, and can replicate independently of, the chromosomal DNA …   Wikipedia

  • episome — episomal, adj. episomally, adv. /ep euh sohm /, n. Genetics. bacterial DNA that is extrachromosomal and that may replicate autonomously as a plasmid or become incorporated into the chromosome and replicate with it. [1930 35; EPI + SOME3] * * *… …   Universalium

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