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  • Gepids — The Gepids ( la. Gepidae, an. Gifðas ( Beowulf , Widsith ) possibly from * Gibiðos , givers cite web | title = Jordanes in Latin and English | author = Yeat, Theedrich ( tr. ) | url = |… …   Wikipedia

  • Gepids —    German barbarians related to the Goths (q.v.) who settled in northern Dacia (q.v.) in the fourth century. They were subject to the Huns (q.v.) in the fifth century, until the death of Attila (q.v.). In the sixth century, the Gepids were the… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • gepids — noun plural see gepidae …   Useful english dictionary

  • Cunimund — (died 567) was a king of the Gepids in the 6th century. Cunimund was the last of the Gepid kings and led them in their defeat by the Lombards in 567. Contents 1 War with the Lombards 1.1 Background 1.2 Rule …   Wikipedia

  • Alboin — or Alboïn (died 572 or 573) was king of the Lombards, and conqueror of Italy. He succeeded his father Audoin about 565. Cognates to these rather alien looking names in Old English are Ælfwine (meaning Elf friend ) and Eadwine ( Wealth friend ).… …   Wikipedia

  • Ancient history of Transylvania — The Romans exploited the gold mines in the province extensively, building access roads and forts to protect them, like Abrud. The region developed a strong infrastructure and economy, based on agriculture, cattle farming and mining. Colonists… …   Wikipedia

  • Alboin — (d. 572)    According to Paul the Deacon, Alboin was the tenth of the Lombard kings (r. 560/561 574) and the first to rule in Italy. A successful warrior, who defeated a number of rival peoples, including the Gepids, he was also a successful… …   Encyclopedia of Barbarian Europe

  • Lombards —    A Germanic people who first appear in the sources in the first century a.d., settling along the Elbe River, the Lombards, or Langobardi (Long Beards), developed a reputation for being an especially fierce people. Although they suffered… …   Encyclopedia of Barbarian Europe

  • Battle of Nedao — Infobox Military Conflict conflict=Battle of Nedao partof=War of the Hunnic Succession caption= date=454 place=Pannonia territory= result=Victory of Gepids and Ostrogoths combatant1=Gepids, Ostrogoths|combatant2=Huns commander1=King Theodemir of… …   Wikipedia

  • History of the Balkans — The Balkans is an area of southeastern Europe situated at a major crossroads between mainland Europe and the Near East. The distinct identity and fragmentation of the Balkans owes much to its common and often violent history and to its very… …   Wikipedia

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