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  • glutition —   n. act of swallowing …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • glutition — glüˈtishən noun ( s) Etymology: Late Latin gluttition , gluttitio, from Latin gluttitus, past part of gluttire to swallow : deglutition …   Useful english dictionary

  • Deglutition — Deg lu*ti tion, n. [L. deglutire to swallow down; de + glutire to swallow: cf. F. d[ e]glutition. See {Glut}.] The act or process of swallowing food; the power of swallowing. [1913 Webster] The muscles employed in the act of deglutition. Paley.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • aglutition — Path. (ægl(j)uːˈtɪʃən) [f. a prefix 14 + L. *glūtītiōn em n. of action, f. glūtī re to swallow: see deglutition.] Inability to swallow. in Craig …   Useful english dictionary

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