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  • haemagglutinin — Substance that will bring about the agglutinationof erythrocytes …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • haemagglutinin — haemagglutˈinin noun A virus, antibody or other agent causing haemagglutination • • • Main Entry: ↑haem …   Useful english dictionary

  • HA tag — (= haemagglutinin tag; hemagglutinin tag (USA) ) Epitope tag (YPYDVPDYA) derived from the haemagglutinin molecule …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Human mortality from H5N1 — or the human fatality ratio from H5N1 or the case fatality rate of H5N1 refer to the ratio of the number of confirmed human deaths resulting from confirmed cases of transmission and infection of H5N1 to the number of those confirmed cases. For… …   Wikipedia

  • Jeffery Taubenberger — Jeffery K. Taubenberger (born 1961 in Landstuhl, Germany) is a US virologist. Together with Ann Reid he was the first to sequence the genome of the influenza virus, which caused the 1918 pandemic of “Spanish flu”. Training Taubenberger was born… …   Wikipedia

  • Hemagglutinin — [ thumb|200px|Hemagglutinin is a spike shaped virus surface protein made of two chain types. Blue: subunit for binding of specific human cell surfaces sugars. Orange: subunit for triggering response (PDB code: 1ruz). (… …   Wikipedia

  • Orthomyxoviridae — Virus classification Group: Group V (( )ssRNA) Order: Unassigned Family: Orthomyxoviridae …   Wikipedia

  • Neuraminidase — Neuraminic acid Neuraminidase enzymes are glycoside hydrolase enzymes (EC that cleave the glycosidic linkages of neuraminic acids. Neuraminidase enzymes are a large family, found in a range of organisms. The most commonly known… …   Wikipedia

  • Fujian flu — See H5N1 flu and Flu for details about the illnesses and H5N1 and H3N2 for details about the causative agents. Fujian flu refers to flu caused by either a Fujian human flu strain of the H3N2 subtype of the Influenza A virus or a Fujian bird flu… …   Wikipedia

  • DNA vaccination — The making of a DNA vaccine. DNA vaccination is a technique for protecting an organism against disease by injecting it with genetically engineered DNA to produce an immunological response. Nucleic acid vaccines are still experimental, and have… …   Wikipedia

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