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  • Halāchah — (Plur. Halachoth, chald., Regel, Richtschnur), die praktischen Aussprüche der Rabbiner u. jüdischen Gelehrten, welche sich auf das bürgerliche od. Ceremonialgesetz beziehen, u. wenn sie allgemein verbindlich sein sollen, traditionell recipirt od …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

  • Halachah — /hah law kheuh/; Seph. Heb. /hah lah khah /; Ashk. Heb. /hah law khaw /, n., pl. Halachahs, Heb. Halachoth, Halachot, Halachos Seph. / lah khawt /; Ashk. / law khohs /. (often l.c.) Halakhah. * * * …   Universalium

  • Halachah —    A rabbinical decision which is accepted in Jewish law …   Who’s Who in Jewish History after the period of the Old Testament

  • Halachah — n. entire body of Jewish law and tradition …   English contemporary dictionary

  • halachah — noun see halakah …   Useful english dictionary

  • forbidden by Halachah — not allowed according to Jewish tradition …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Mishpatim — (מִּשְׁפָּטִים Hebrew for “laws,” the second word of the parshah) is the eighteenth weekly Torah portion (parshah) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading and the sixth in the book of Exodus. It constitutes Exodus 21:1–24:18. Jews in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Sephardic Judaism — is the practice of Judaism as observed by the Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews, so far as it is peculiar to themselves and not shared with other Jewish groups such as the Ashkenazim. Sephardic Judaism does not constitute a separate denomination within… …   Wikipedia

  • Nitzavim — Nitzavim, Nitsavim, Nitzabim, Netzavim, or Nesabim (נִצָּבִים Hebrew for “ones standing,” the second word, and the first distinctive word, in the parshah) is the 51st weekly Torah portion (parshah) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading and… …   Wikipedia

  • Hasidic philosophy — This article is about Hasidic philosophy. For an overview of the Hasidic movement, see Hasidic Judaism. Hasidus called the Torah of the Baal Shem Tov and his Wellsprings , after his account in a letter to Gershon of Kitov about the elevation of… …   Wikipedia

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