English syllables. 2014.

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  • S — 1. Abbreviation for sacral vertebra (S1–S5); spherical, spherical lens; Svedberg unit. 2. Symbol for siemens; sulfur; entropy in thermodynamics; substrate in the Michaelis …   Medical dictionary

  • iso — iso·abnormal; iso·agglutination; iso·agglutinin; iso·agglutinogen; iso·allele; iso·alloxazine; iso·amyl; iso·amylene; iso·antibody; iso·antigen; iso·bar; iso·barbaloin; iso·bar·ic; iso·barometric; iso·base; iso·bathy·therm; iso·bilateral;… …   English syllables

  • isohemagglutinogen — iso·hemagglutinogen …   English syllables

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