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  • hypercomplex — ¦hīpə(r)ˌ adjective Etymology: hyper + complex (I) : of, relating to, or being a general form of number that can be expressed as a vector of n dimensions in the form x1e1 + x2e2 + … + …   Useful english dictionary

  • Hypercomplex cell — Hypercomplex cells Hubel and Wiesel named cells in the visual cortex that exhibit end stopping properties hypercomplex cells, but later research has found them to be subclasses of the simple and complex cells. End stopping is when a cell s… …   Wikipedia

  • Hypercomplex number — The term hypercomplex number has been used in mathematics for the elements of algebras that extend or go beyond complex number arithmetic.Hypercomplex numbers have had a long lineage of devotees including Hermann Hankel, Georg Frobenius, Eduard… …   Wikipedia

  • Hypercomplex manifold — In differential geometry, a hypercomplex manifold is a manifold with the tangent bundleequipped with an action by the algebra of quaternionsin such a way that the quaternions I, J, Kdefine integrable almost complex structures. Examples Every… …   Wikipedia

  • hypercomplex — adjective Describing any of several types of higher dimensional numbers having some characteristics of complex numbers …   Wiktionary

  • hypercomplex number — noun A complex number consisting of more than two square roots of negative one, creating multiple simulated dimensions …   Wiktionary

  • Emmy Noether — Amalie Emmy Noether Born 23 March 1882(1882 03 23) …   Wikipedia

  • Octonion — In mathematics, the octonions are a normed division algebra over the real numbers, usually represented by the capital letter O, using boldface O or blackboard bold . There are only four such algebras, the other three being the real numbers R, the …   Wikipedia

  • Musean hypernumber — Musean hypernumbers are an algebraic concept envisioned by Charles A. Musès (1919–2000) to form a complete, integrated, connected, and natural number system.[1][2][3][4][5] Musès sketched certain fundamental types of hypernumbers and a …   Wikipedia

  • Cayley–Dickson construction — In mathematics, the Cayley–Dickson construction produces a sequence of algebras over the field of real numbers, each with twice the dimension of the previous one. The algebras produced by this process are known as Cayley–Dickson algebras; since… …   Wikipedia

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