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  • ketonize — ke·to·nize or Brit ke·to·nise kē .tō .nīz vb, nized or Brit nised; niz·ing or Brit nis·ing vt to convert into a ketone vi to become converted into a ketone ke·to·ni·za·tion or Brit ke·to·ni·sa·tion .kēt ə nə zā shən n …   Medical dictionary

  • ketonize — ˈkēˌtōˌnīz verb ( ed/ ing/ s) Etymology: ketone + ize transitive verb : to convert into a ketone intransitive verb : to become converted into a ketone …   Useful english dictionary

  • ketone —   n. chemical compound of carbon, obtained by distilling salts of organic acids.    ♦ ketonaemia, n. presence of ketone, especially acetone, in blood.    ♦ ketonic, a.    ♦ ketonize, v.t. convert into ketone.    ♦ ketogenesis, n. production of… …   Dictionary of difficult words

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