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  • lyxoflavin — A compound similar to riboflavin except that d lyxitol is present in place of the d ribitol group; present in small quantity in cardiac muscle. * * * lyx·o·fla·vin .lik sə flā vən n a yellow crystalline compound C17H20N4O6 isolated from heart… …   Medical dictionary

  • lyxoflavin — |liksə+ noun Etymology: lyx + flavin : a yellow crystalline compound C17H20N4O6 isolated from heart muscle and stereoisomeric with riboflavin but derived from lyxose …   Useful english dictionary

  • lyxitol — A pentitol (reduced lyxose) occurring in lyxoflavin …   Medical dictionary

  • lyx- — combining form or lyxo Etymology: lyxose 1. : related to lyxose lyxoflavin 2. usually lyxo , usually italic : having the stereochemical arrangement of atoms or groups found in lyxose …   Useful english dictionary

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