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  • numbles — (n.) offal, from O.Fr. nombles loin of veal, fillet of beef, haunch of venison, from L. lumulus, dim. of lumbus loin (see LUMBAGO (Cf. lumbago)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • numbles — [num′bəlz] pl.n. [ME noumbles < OFr nombles, by dissimilation < L lumbulus, dim. of lumbus, loin: see LUMBAR] Obs. the heart, lungs, etc., as of a deer, used for food: cf. HUMBLE PIE …   English World dictionary

  • numbles — Nombles Nom bles, n. pl. [F. nombles, fr. L. lumbulus, dim. of lumbus a loin. Cf. {Numbles}, {Umbles}, {Humbles}.] The entrails of a deer; the umbles. [Written also {numbles}.] Johnson. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • numbles — noun The entrails of a deer or other animal, used for food. In the kitchens the famous cooks were preparing menus which included, for one course alone: ballock broth, caudle ferry, lampreys en gelatine, oysters in civey, eels in sorré, baked… …   Wiktionary

  • numbles — Brit. archaic a deer s entrails. Etymology: ME f. OF numbles, nombles loin etc., f. L lumbulus dimin. of lumbus loin: cf. UMBLES …   Useful english dictionary

  • numbles — /num beuhlz/, certain of the inward parts of an animal, esp. of a deer, used as food. Also, nombles. [1275 1325; ME < MF nombles fillet of venison, pl. of nomble, dissimilated var. of *lomble < L lumbulus, dim. of lumbus loin. See LUMB ,… …   Universalium

  • Numbles — Venison offal; also the surrounding meat; considered a delicacy by those who hunted …   Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases

  • numbles — (also umbles) plural noun archaic an animal s entrails, especially those of a deer, as used for food. Origin ME (denoting the back and loins of a deer): from OFr., from L. lumbulus, dimin. of lumbus loin …   English new terms dictionary

  • numbles — /ˈnʌmbəlz/ (say numbuhlz) plural noun Obsolete certain of the organs of an animal, especially of a deer, used as food. Also, nombles, umbles. {Middle English noumbles, from Old French nombles, from Latin lumbulus, diminutive of lumbus loin} …  

  • nombles — variant of numbles * * * /num beuhlz/, numbles. * * * nombles /numˈblz/ a variant of numbles (see ↑umbles) …   Useful english dictionary

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