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  • osetra — also ossetra noun Etymology: modification of Russian osëtr sturgeon Date: 1955 a golden or brownish caviar from a sturgeon (as Acipenser gueldenstaedtii of the Caspian Sea) with roe somewhat smaller than the beluga and having a usually nutty… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • osetra — noun Caviar made from the Ossetra sturgeon …   Wiktionary

  • osetra — …   Useful english dictionary

  • beluga — noun Etymology: Russian, from belyĭ white; akin to Greek phalios having a white spot more at bald Date: 1772 1. a large white sturgeon (Huso huso syn. Acipenser huso) of the Black Sea, Caspian Sea, and their tributaries; also caviar processed… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • sevruga — noun Etymology: Russian sevryuga, a species of sturgeon Date: 1591 a light to dark gray caviar from a sturgeon (Acipenser sevru) of the Caspian Sea with roe that is smaller than that of osetra; also the fish …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • ossetra — noun see osetra …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Ossetra — Wild Iranian Ossetra Caviar, ready to serve with mother of pearl spoons and Champagne. Ossetra (also Oscietra, Osetra, or Asetra) caviar, one of the most prized and expensive types of caviar available today (eclipsed in price only by Beluga… …   Wikipedia

  • Top Chef (season 2) — Top Chef: Los Angeles Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi, and Gail Simmons, along with the chefs participating in Top Chef s second season Winner Ilan Hall Original run October 18, 2006 – January 31, 2007 Filming dates August 10, 2006 – December 1 …   Wikipedia

  • sevruga — seˈvrügə noun ( s) Etymology: Russian sevryuga a species of sturgeon : a light to dark gray caviar from a sturgeon of the genus Acipenser (A. sevru) that is found in the Caspian Sea and has very small roe ; also : the fish compare …   Useful english dictionary

  • ossetra — noun see osetra …   Useful english dictionary

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