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  • Pseudocyst — A pseudocyst is a pathological collection of fluid. A pseudocyst may appear to be a true cyst to the naked eye or on a CAT scan. However, it is technically not a cyst. The wall of a true cyst consists of a clearly defined epithelial cell layer.… …   Wikipedia

  • pseudocyst — 1. An accumulation of fluid in a cystlike loculus, but without an epithelial or other membranous lining. SYN: adventitious cyst, false cyst. 2. A cyst whose wall is formed by a host cell and not by a parasite. 3. A …   Medical dictionary

  • pseudocyst — n. a fluid filled space without a proper wall or lining, within an organ. A pancreatic pseudocyst may develop in cases of chronic pancreatitis or as a complication of acute pancreatitis. As the pseudocyst, which is filled with enzyme rich… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Pseudocyst of the auricle — (also known as a Auricular endochondrial pseudocyst, [1] Cystic chondromalacia, [1] Endochondral pseudocyst, [2] and Intracartilaginous cyst [1]) is a cutaneous condition characterized by a fluctuant, tense, noninflammatory swelling on the upper… …   Wikipedia

  • pseudocyst of auricle — auricular pseudocyst, endochondral pseudocyst a benign, asymptomatic swelling of the auricle of the ear, containing fluid …   Medical dictionary

  • pseudocyst — noun A pathological collection of fluid, differing from a cyst in lacking a clearly defined epithelial cell layer …   Wiktionary

  • pseudocyst — ˈsüdō+ˌ noun Etymology: pseud + cyst 1. : a cluster of toxoplasms in an enucleate host cell 2. : cystoid 1 …   Useful english dictionary

  • Pancreatic pseudocyst — Infobox Disease Name = PAGENAME Caption = ICD10 = ICD10|K|86|3|k|80 ICD9 = ICD9|577.2 DiseasesDB = 9530 ICDO = OMIM = MedlinePlus = 000272 eMedicineSubj = med eMedicineTopic = 2674 eMedicine mult = eMedicine2|radio|576 MeshID = D010192 A… …   Wikipedia

  • paranephric pseudocyst — pararenal pseudocyst, perinephric pseudocyst urinoma …   Medical dictionary

  • Киста Ложная (Pseudocyst) — скопление жидкости в кистоподобной дольке какого либо органа, не имеющей эпителиальной выстилки. Ложная киста поджелудочной железы (pancreatic pseudocyst), например, может образоваться у человека в результате хронического или как осложнение… …   Медицинские термины

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