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  • Pursy — Pur sy, a. [OF. pourcif, poulsif, poussif, fr. pousser to push, thrust, heave, OF. also poulser: cf. F. pousse the heaves, asthma. See {Push}.] Fat and short breathed; fat, short, and thick; swelled with pampering; as, pursy insolence. Shak.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • pursy — pursy1 [pʉr′sē] adj. pursier, pursiest [ME purcy < purcyfe < Anglo Fr pursif, for OFr polsif < polser, to push, also breathe, pant < L pulsare, to beat < pulsus: see PULSE1] 1. short winded, esp. from being obese 2. obese; fat… …   English World dictionary

  • pursy — /ˈpɜsi/ (say persee) adjective (pursier, pursiest) 1. short winded, especially from corpulence or fatness. 2. corpulent or fat: *He sat with his hands resting on his pursy thighs, very deliberate. –patrick white, 1955. {earlier pursive, Middle… …  

  • pursy — I. adjective (pursier; est) Etymology: Middle English pursi, pursif, from Anglo French porsif, alteration of *polsif, from Old French pousser to exert pressure, breathe heavily more at push Date: 15th century 1. short winded especially because of …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • pursy — pursy1 pursily, adv. pursiness, n. /perr see/, adj., pursier, pursiest. 1. short winded, esp. from corpulence or fatness. 2. corpulent or fat. [1400 50; late ME purcy, var. of ME pursif < AF porsif, var. of OF polsif, deriv. (see IVE) of polser… …   Universalium

  • pursy — adjective fat and short breathed …   Wiktionary

  • pursy — pur·sy || pÉœrsɪ / pɜː adj. winded, panting, breathing out strenuously; stout, fat …   English contemporary dictionary

  • pursy — adjective archaic 1》 (especially of a horse) short of breath; asthmatic. 2》 fat. Derivatives pursiness noun Origin ME: reduction of Anglo Norman Fr. porsif, alt. of OFr. polsif, from polser breathe with difficulty , from L. pulsare set in violent …   English new terms dictionary

  • pursy — a. 1. Fat, corpulent, fleshy, plump, short, thick, pudgy, podgy. 2. Short breathed, short winded, think winded …   New dictionary of synonyms

  • pursy —   a. short winded, especially because stout …   Dictionary of difficult words

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