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  • al|go|rithm — «AL guh rihth uhm», noun. a formal procedure for any mathematical operation: »the division algorithm …   Useful english dictionary

  • an|ti|log|a|rithm — «AN tee LG uh rihth uhm, LOG », noun. the number corresponding to a given logarithm: »Since the logarithm of 100 is 2, the antilogarithm of 2 is 100 …   Useful english dictionary

  • co|log|a|rithm — «koh LG uh rihth uhm, LOG », noun. Mathematics. the logarithm of the reciprocal of a number. Example: log 1/5 = log 1 + colog 5 …   Useful english dictionary

  • log|a|rithm — «LG uh rihth uhm, LOG », noun. Mathematics. 1. the power to which a fixed number or base (usually 10) must be raised in order to produce a given number. If the fixed number or base is 10, the logarithm of 1,000 is 3; the logarithm of 10,000 is 4; …   Useful english dictionary

  • al·go·rithm — /ˈælgəˌrıðəm/ noun, pl rithms [count] technical : a set of steps that are followed in order to solve a mathematical problem or to complete a computer process …   Useful english dictionary

  • log·a·rithm — …   Useful english dictionary

  • arithmetization — əˌrithməd.ə̇ˈzāshən, əˌtīˈz ; ˌa(ˌ)rithˌmed.ə̇ˈz noun ( s) : the treatment of various branches of higher mathematics by methods involving only the fundamental concepts and operations of arithmetic …   Useful english dictionary

  • rhythmal — ˈrithməl adjective : rhythmic …   Useful english dictionary

  • Malarians — Datos generales Origen Madrid, España Información artística Género(s) ska reggae …   Wikipedia Español

  • a — acar·a·pis; ac·a·ri·a·sis; ac·a·ri·a·sis; ac·a·ri·na; ac·a·ri·nar·i·um; ac·a·rine; ac·a·ri·nol·o·gy; ac·a·ri·no·sis; ac·a·ro·ce·cid·i·um; ac·a·roid; ac·a·rol·o·gist; ac·a·rol·o·gy; ac·a·ro·pho·bia; ac·a·rus; acat·a·lep·sy; acat·a·lex·is;… …   English syllables

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