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  • shonkinite — ▪ mineral       rare, dark coloured, intrusive igneous rock that contains augite and orthoclase feldspar as its primary constituents. Other minerals include olivine, biotite, and nepheline, with little plagioclase feldspar and no quartz. At… …   Universalium

  • shonkinite — ˈshäŋkəˌnīt noun ( s) Etymology: Shonkin (Highwood mountains, Montana), its locality + English ite : a dark granular igneous rock consisting of augite with subordinate orthoclase and smaller amounts of olivine, biotite, nephelite, sodalite, and …   Useful english dictionary

  • Theralite — (from Greek to pursue ) is, in petrology, a group of plutonic holocrystalline rocks consisting of nepheline, basic plagioclase, augite and olivine, and so called because of its rare occurrence. Its discovery was looked forward to with interest as …   Wikipedia

  • Carbonatite — Carbonatites (pronEng|kɑrˈbɒnətaɪt) are intrusive or extrusive igneous rocks defined by mineralogy that comprises more than 50 volume % carbonate minerals. Carbonatites may be confused with marble, and may require geochemical… …   Wikipedia

  • monzonite — monzonitic /mon zeuh nit ik/, adj. /mon zeuh nuyt /, n. any of a group of granular igneous rocks having approximately equal amounts of orthoclase and plagioclase feldspar, intermediate in composition between syenite and diorite. [1880 85; < G… …   Universalium

  • theralite — /thear euh luyt /, n. a coarse grained, phaneritic rock composed of labradorite, nepheline, and augite. [ < Gk théra hunting + LITE; said to be so called because success in hunting it down was thought to be certain] * * * ▪ mineral       any… …   Universalium

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