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  • Synnema — A Synnema (plural synnemata, also coremia. Derivation: Threads together ) is a large, erect reproductive structure borne by some fungi. Conidiophores fuse together to form a strand resembling a stalk of wheat, with conidia at the end or on the… …   Wikipedia

  • synnema — /si nee meuh/, n., pl. synnemata / meuh teuh/. Mycol. a spore bearing structure having very compact conidiophores. [ < NL, equiv. to syn SYN + Gk nêma thread] * * * …   Universalium

  • synnema — syn·ne·ma (sin eґmə) a group of erect, sometimes fused conidiophores that produce conidia at or near the apex. Called also coremium …   Medical dictionary

  • synnema — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Glossary of phytopathology — This is a glossary of some of the terms used in phytopathology.Phytopathology is the study of plant diseases. It is a multi disciplinary since prerequisites for disease development are the presence of a susceptible host species, a pathogen and… …   Wikipedia

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  • Гигрофила разнолистная — ? Гигрофила разнолистная Гигрофила разнолистная в аквариуме …   Википедия

  • List of freshwater aquarium plant species — Aquatic plants are used to give the aquarium a natural appearance, oxygenate the water, and provide habitat for fish, especially fry (babies) and for invertebrate species. Some aquarium fish and invertebrates also eat live plants. Recently, there …   Wikipedia

  • Hygrophila difformis — Taxobox name = Hygrophila difformis image width = 250px regnum = Plantae regnum = Plantae divisio = Magnoliophyta classis = Magnoliopsida ordo = Lamiales familia = Acanthaceae genus = Hygrophila species = H. difformis binomial = Hygrophila… …   Wikipedia

  • Penicillium claviforme — Taxobox name = Penicillium image width = image caption = regnum = Fungi subregnum = Dikarya phylum = Ascomycota subphylum = Pezizomycotina classis = Eurotiomycetes subclassis = Eurotiomycetidae ordo = Eurotiales familia = Trichocomaceae genus =… …   Wikipedia

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