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  • Takingness — Taking Tak ing, a. 1. Apt to take; alluring; attracting. [1913 Webster] Subtile in making his temptations most taking. Fuller. [1913 Webster] 2. Infectious; contageous. [Obs.] Beau. & Fl. [1913 Webster] {Tak ing*ly}, adv. {Tak ing*ness}, n. [1913 …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • takingness — noun ( es) : the quality of being taking : attractiveness * * * tāˈkingness noun • • • Main Entry: ↑take …   Useful english dictionary

  • exactitude — n 1. exactness, precision, preciseness, accuracy, accurateness; closeness, fidelity, faithfulness, conformity, accordance, agreement; minuteness, detailedness, rigorousness, strictness, severity, severeness; thoroughness, methodicalness,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • taking — /ˈteɪkɪŋ/ (say tayking) noun 1. the act of someone or something that takes. 2. the state of being taken. 3. that which is taken. 4. (plural) quantity or amount of money received, as from sales in a shop. –adjective 5. captivating, winning or… …  

  • taking — adj. & n. adj. 1 attractive or captivating. 2 catching or infectious. n. (in pl.) an amount of money taken in business. Derivatives: takingly adv. takingness n …   Useful english dictionary

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