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  • batrachotoxin — [ba′trə kō täks΄in; bə trak′ōtäks΄in] n. a steroidal alkaloid, C31H42N2O6, found in the skin of certain Neotropical frogs (genus Phyllobates) and used on poison arrows: one of the most powerful natural neurotoxins known …   English World dictionary

  • Batrachotoxin — chembox new ImageFile=Batrachotoxin.png ImageSize=240 IUPACName= OtherNames= Section1=Chembox Identifiers CASNo= 23509 16 2 PubChem= 31958 SMILES= CC1=CNC(=C1C(=O)OC(C)C2=CC [C@@] 34C2(C [C@H] (C56C3=CC [C@H] 7 [C@@] 5(CC [C@@]… …   Wikipedia

  • Batrachotoxin — Strukturformel Allgemeines Name Batrachotoxin Andere Namen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • batrachotoxin — Neurotoxin from the Columbian poison frog Phyllobates. A steroidal alkaloid that affects sodium channels; batrachotoxin R is more effective than related batrachotoxin A …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • batrachotoxin — /beuh trak euh tok sin, ba treuh koh /, n. Pharm. a venom, C31H42N2O6, obtained from skin secretions of Colombian frogs of the genus Pyllobates and used experimentally in neurology. [1960 65; < Gk bátrach(os) frog + O + TOXIN] * * * …   Universalium

  • batrachotoxin — noun a) An extremely neurotoxic and cardiotoxic steroidal alkaloid found in poison dart frogs. b) Any one of a group of extremely neurotoxic and cardiotoxic steriodal alkaloids found in poison dart frogs, Melyridae beetles and birds …   Wiktionary

  • batrachotoxin — A neurotoxin from the Colombian arrow poison frogs (Phyllobates spp.). It is nontoxic when ingested. If it is injected or if there are ulcers present, it will cause an irreversible increase in permeability of sodium ions in nerve membrane,… …   Medical dictionary

  • Batrachotoxin — Ba|t|ra|cho|to|xin [griech. bátrachos = Frosch; ↑ Toxin] ein aus der Haut südamer. Pfeilgiftfrösche isolierbares äußerst giftiges Steroid Alkaloid …   Universal-Lexikon

  • batrachotoxin — n. venom derived from skin secretions of Colombian poison frogs and is used experimentally in neurology …   English contemporary dictionary

  • batrachotoxin — bə.ˌtrakə, ˌba.trəkōˌ noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary batrach + toxin : a toxic steroid alkaloid C31H42N2O6 extracted from the skin of several South American frogs (genus Phyllobates) * * * /beuh trak euh tok sin, ba treuh koh …   Useful english dictionary

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