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  • thornily — See thorny. * * * …   Universalium

  • thornily — ˈthȯ(r)nəlē, nəli, nə̇l adverb : so as to be thorny : in the manner of a thorn …   Useful english dictionary

  • thorny — thornily, adv. thorniness, n. /thawr nee/, adj., thornier, thorniest. 1. abounding in or characterized by thorns; spiny; prickly. 2. thornlike. 3. overgrown with thorns or brambles. 4. painful; vexatious: a thorny predicament. 5. fu …   Universalium

  • Taylor KO Factor — is a commonly used mathematical approach for evaluating the stopping power of hunting cartridges. The term KO is an acronym for Knock Out. The Taylor KO Factor (TKOF) is a figure of merit that allows hunters to compare bullets with respect to… …   Wikipedia

  • thorniness — See thornily. * * * …   Universalium

  • literature, Northern Irish —    While the identity politics central to the ‘Troubles’ which have dominated Northern Ireland since the mid 1960s are a major factor in the works of many writers, it should be remembered that the Troubles themselves are a response to broader… …   Encyclopedia of contemporary British culture

  • thorny — adjective (thornier, thorniest) 1》 having many thorns or thorn bushes. 2》 causing difficulty; problematic. Derivatives thornily adverb thorniness noun …   English new terms dictionary

  • thorny — adj. (thornier, thorniest) 1 having many thorns. 2 (of a subject) hard to handle without offence; problematic. Derivatives: thornily adv. thorniness n …   Useful english dictionary

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