English syllables. 2014.

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  • membrane — 1. A thin sheet or layer of pliable tissue, serving as a covering or envelope of a part, as the lining of a cavity, as a partition or septum, or to connect two structures. SYN: membrana [TA]. 2. SYN: biomembrane. [L. membrana, a skin or m …   Medical dictionary

  • mem — com·mem; com·mem·o·ra·ble; com·mem·o·rate; com·mem·o·ra·tion; com·mem·o·ra·tor; com·mem·o·ra·to·ry; de·mem·bra·tion; dis·mem·ber·ment; mem·ber; mem·bered; mem·ber·less; mem·ber·ship; mem·brac·i·dae; mem·bral; mem·bra·na; mem·bra·na·ceous;… …   English syllables

  • membraned — mem·braned …   English syllables

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