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  • Capsomer — Schema eines ikosaedrischen Kapsids. Die Kugeln entsprechen den einzelnen Kapsomeren Als Kapsid oder Capsid (von lat. capsula: kleine Kapsel) bezeichnet man eine komplexe, regelmäßige Proteinstruktur bei Viren, die der Verpackung des Virusgenoms… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • capsomer — (kap so mer) The ring shaped morphological unit of which icosahedral capsids are constructed …   Dictionary of microbiology

  • capsomer — noun capsomere …   Wiktionary

  • Capsomer — Cap|so|mer [Kurzw. aus Capsid u ↑ mer], das; s, e, u. Cap|so|me|re, das; n, n; S: Kapsomer: ↑ Capsid …   Universal-Lexikon

  • capsomer — cap·so·mer kap sə mər or cap·so·mere kap sə .mi(ə)r n one of the subunits making up a viral capsid * * * cap·so·mer (kapґso mər) [L. capsa a box + Gr. meros part] the morphological unit of the capsid of a virus …   Medical dictionary

  • capsomer — …   Useful english dictionary

  • capsomer, capsomere — A subunit of the protein coat or capsid of a virus particle. SEE ALSO: hexon, penton, virion …   Medical dictionary

  • Tobacco mosaic virus — Electron micrograph of TMV particles stained to enhance visibility at 160,000x magnification Virus classification Group …   Wikipedia

  • Varicellovirus — Taxobox name = Varicellovirus image caption = virus group = i familia = Herpesviridae genus = Varicellovirus Varicellovirus (var′i sel′ō vi′rŭs) is a genus of Alphaherpesvirinae. Morphology Varicellovirus is the causative agent of chickenpox in… …   Wikipedia

  • Densovirus — Virus classification Group: Group II (ssDNA) Family: Parvoviridae Subfamily: Densovirinae …   Wikipedia

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