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  • Adnate — Ad nate, a. [L. adnatus, p. p. of adnasci. See {Adnascent}, and cf. {Agnate}.] 1. (Physiol.) Grown to congenitally. [1913 Webster] 2. (Bot.) Growing together; said only of organic cohesion of unlike parts. [1913 Webster] An anther is adnate when… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adnate — [ad′nāt΄] adj. [< L adnatus, pp. of adnasci, to be born < ad , to + nasci: see GENUS] Biol. congenitally joined together: said of unlike parts adnation n …   English World dictionary

  • adnate — adjective Etymology: Latin adnatus, adgnatus, past participle of adgnasci to be born in addition, grow later more at agnate Date: 1661 grown to a usually unlike part especially along a margin < a calyx adnate to the ovary > • adnation noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • adnate — adjective of unlike parts or organs; growing closely attached a calyx adnate to the ovary • Ant: ↑connate • Topics: ↑biology, ↑biological science …   Useful english dictionary

  • adnate serif — Скругленная засечка (Adnate serif)     Засечка, которая присоединяется к основному штриху со скруглением, то есть плавно переходит в основной штрих [доминирующий вертикальный или наклонный штрих] …   Шрифтовая терминология

  • adnate — closely attached to, joined along whole length without a free tip; conjoined; adhering, e.g. adipose fin in Noturus (Ictaluridae) …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • adnate — adj. [L. ad, near; natus, born] Pertaining to being united or fused to another organ or structure, normally of unlike parts …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • adnate — /ad nayt/, adj. Biol. grown fast to something; congenitally attached. [1655 65; < L adnatus, i.e., ad(g)natus, r. agnatus AGNATE] * * * …   Universalium

  • adnate — adjective Linked or fused to something unlike itself, for example where mushroom gills are broadly attached to the stalk slightly above the bottom of the gill, with most of the gill fused to the stem. Ant: connate …   Wiktionary

  • adnate — [ adneɪt] adjective Botany joined by having grown together. Origin C17: from L. adnatus, var. of agnatus (see agnate), by assoc. with ad …   English new terms dictionary

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