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  • codirectional — adjective Operating in the same direction Ant: contradirectional …   Wiktionary

  • codirectional — |kō+ adjective Etymology: co + directional : coinciding in direction …   Useful english dictionary

  • Unit vector — In mathematics, a unit vector in a normed vector space is a vector (often a spatial vector) whose length is 1 (the unit length). A unit vector is often denoted by a lowercase letter with a hat , like this: (pronounced i hat ). In Euclidean space …   Wikipedia

  • Versor — In mathematics, a versor is a directed great circle arc that corresponds to a quaternion of norm one. In geometry and physics, a versor is sometimes defined as a unit vector indicating the orientation of a directed axis (such as a Cartesian axis) …   Wikipedia

  • Axis angle — The axis angle representation of a rotation, also known as the exponential coordinates of a rotation, parameterizes a rotation by two values: a unit vector indicating the direction of a directed axis (straight line), and an angle describing the… …   Wikipedia

  • contradirectional — adjective Operating in the opposite direction Ant: codirectional …   Wiktionary

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