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  • cushag — ˈku̇ˌshag, shəg noun ( s) Etymology: modification of Manx cuishag vooar, literally, big stalk Isle of Man : tansy ragwort …   Useful english dictionary

  • Jacobaea vulgaris — Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae (unranked) …   Wikipedia

  • Coins of the Manx pound — The Government of the Isle of Man issues its own Pound sterling coins. (See Manx pound for details of the island s currency.) The coins are minted by Pobjoy Mint Limited.[1] Although intended for use on the Isle of Man, these coins often appear… …   Wikipedia

  • Manx English — Location of the Isle of Man within the British Isles. Manx English, or Anglo Manx, is the historic dialect of English spoken on the Isle of Man, though today in decline. It has many borrowings from the original Manx language, a Goidelic language …   Wikipedia

  • Christopher Ironside — FSIA 1970, OBE 1971, FRBS 1977 (11 July 1913 – 13 July 1992) was an English painter and coin designer, particularly known for the reverse sides of the new British coins issued on decimalisation in 1971. He began his career as a painter, studying… …   Wikipedia

  • Languages of the Isle of Man — The main language of the Isle of Man is English, predominately the Manx English dialect. Manx, the historical language of the island, is still maintained by a very small speaker population.Both English and Manx are official languages in the… …   Wikipedia

  • P. M. C. Kermode — Philip Moore Callow Kermode, born 21 March 1855 in Ramsey, Isle of Man, died 1932, was a Manx antiquarian and historian. He was the brother of Josephine Kermode, a Manx poetess who wrote under the nom de plume Cushag . He was noted for his… …   Wikipedia

  • Symbols of the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man — The United Kingdom This is a list of the symbols of the United Kingdom, the Constituent Countries (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), the British Crown Dependencies (The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man). Each separate entry has… …   Wikipedia

  • Jakobs-Geißkraut — Jakobs Greiskraut Jakobs Greiskraut (Senecio jacobaea) Systematik Ordnung: Asternartige (Asterales) …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Jakobs-Greiskraut — (Senecio jacobaea) Systematik Ordnung: Asternartige (Asterales) Familie …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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