English syllables. 2014.

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  • mid|dle-aged — «MIHD uhl AYJD», adjective. 1. neither young nor old; between youth and old age; being of middle age: »a middle aged parent. 2. characteristic of people in middle age …   Useful english dictionary

  • aged — aged; ap·pend·aged; dis·cour·aged·ly; fo·li·aged; man·aged; teen·aged; vis·aged; lever·aged; mid·dle·aged·ness; …   English syllables

  • dle — ad·dle·pate; ai·dle; bea·dle; bea·dle·dom; bin·dle; bri·dle·less; brin·dle; bud·dle·ia; ca·boo·dle; can·dle·mas; ca·noo·dle; con·did·dle; crud·dle; cru·dle; cud·dle·some; did·dle·dees; doo·dle·sack; drid·dle; fad·dle; far·dle; fer·ri·did·dle;… …   English syllables

  • Middle-aged — Mid dle aged , a. Being about the middle of the ordinary age of man; early in the century, it was considered between 30 and 50 years old, but by the end of the 19th centruy it was considered as 40 to 60. [1913 Webster +PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • mid|dle-ag|ing — «MIHD uhl AY jihng», adjective. inclined to middle age; becoming middle aged …   Useful english dictionary

  • mid — ag·a·mo·mer·mid; aphas·mid·ia; bro·mid·ic; bro·mid·i·om; bro·mid·ism; cal·lim·o·mid; ca·tos·to·mid; ce·to·mi·mid; chro·mid·i·al; chro·mid·i·um; cor·mid·i·um; des·mid; des·mid·i·a·ce·ae; des·mid·i·a·les; des·mid·i·ol·o·gy; di·ap·to·mid;… …   English syllables

  • ness — ness·ber·ry; ness·ler·iza·tion; ness·ler·ize; ness·ler s; new·fan·gled·ness; new·ness; news·i·ness; nice·ness; nig·gard·li·ness; nig·gard·ness; nigh·ness; nip·pi·ness; no·ble·ness; nois·i·ness; non·cha·lant·ness; north·er·li·ness; north·ness;… …   English syllables

  • middle age — mid′dle age′ n. the period of human life between youth and old age, usu. considered as the years between 45 and 65 • Etymology: 1350–1400 mid′dle aged′eɪgd adj …   From formal English to slang

  • conniption — n a fit of irritation, agitation. The geo graphical origin and derivation of the word is obscure (it is fairly common in Australian and North American speech) but it is most often heard among mid dle aged speakers …   Contemporary slang

  • pansy — n a male homosexual or an effeminate, effete or weak male. A word first used in this context in the 1920s and well established until the late 1960s. It sur vives mainly in the speech of the mid dle aged and elderly. pant combining form British an …   Contemporary slang

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