English syllables. 2014.

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  • dler — boo·dler; bud·dler; bun·dler; can·dler; chan·dler; chan·dler·ess; chan·dler·ing; cra·dler; daw·dler; did·dler; doo·dler; fid·dler; fon·dler; fud·dler; gir·dler; han·dler; hed·dler; hud·dler; hur·dler; kin·dler; la·dler; med·dler; mid·dler;… …   English syllables

  • dler-chaft — chan·dler chaft·ed; …   English syllables

  • chan|dler|y — «CHAN dluhr ee, CHAHN », noun, plural dler|ies. 1. a storeroom for candles. 2. the warehouse, goods, or business of a chandler …   Useful english dictionary

  • pad´dler — pad|dle1 «PAD uhl», noun, verb, dled, dling. –n. 1. a short oar with a broad blade at one end or both ends, used without an oarlock. Paddles are used especially to propel canoes and kayaks. 2. the act of paddling; turn at the paddle: »Each man… …   Useful english dictionary

  • ped|dler|y — «PEHD luhr ee», noun, plural dler|ies. 1. the business of a peddler. 2. peddlers wares. 3. trumpery; trash …   Useful english dictionary

  • sad|dler|y — «SAD luhr ee», noun, plural dler|ies. 1. the work of a saddler. 2. the shop of a saddler. 3. saddles, harness, and other equipment for horses …   Useful english dictionary

  • jȍdler — m (jȍdlerica ž) 1. {{001f}}onaj koji zna jodlati, koji jodla (ob. u zn. koji to radi u okviru svojih narodnih običaja) 2. {{001f}}pejor. onaj koji pripada alpskim narodima i ne razumije naše (ob. mediteranske) običaje 3. {{001f}}glazb. pjesma u… …   Veliki rječnik hrvatskoga jezika

  • boo´dler — boo|dle «BOO duhl», noun, verb, dled, dling. Slang. –n. 1. U.S. money from bribes; graft. 2. a group of people or things; caboodle, used especially in the phrase »the whole kit and caboodle. 3. counterfeit money. –v.t., v.i. U.S. to bribe;… …   Useful english dictionary

  • bri´dler — bri|dle «BRY duhl», noun, verb, dled, dling. –n. 1. the part of a harness that fits over a horse s head, used to hold him back or control him. A bridle usually consists of a headstall, bit, and reins. 2. Figurative. anything that holds back or… …   Useful english dictionary

  • can|dler — «KAN dluhr», noun. 1. a person who tests eggs for freshness by holding them in front of a light. 2. a candlestick …   Useful english dictionary

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