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  • dodecarchy — noun a) government by a group of twelve people And this dodecarchy may have lasted much longer than is stated by Herodotus; the immense labyrinth on Lake Moeris, the building of which is ascribed to it, is a proof of this, or else we must deny… …   Wiktionary

  • dodecarchy — government by twelve people Forms of Government …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • dodecarchy — ˈdōdəˌkärkē noun ( es) Etymology: dodeca + archy : a ruling body of 12 …   Useful english dictionary

  • Psamtik I — Pharaoh Infobox | Name=Psamtik I [ [ Psamtek I Wahibre] ] | Caption=Relief of Psamtik I making an offering to Ra Horakhty (Tomb of Pabasa) NomenHiero=p:z m T:k Nomen= Psamtik… …   Wikipedia

  • dodecarch —   n. member of dodecarchy.    ♦ dodecarchy, n. government by 12 persons …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • Psammetichus I — King 664 610 BC.     The Egyptian local princes who had intrigued with *Taharka, the Ethiopian ruler of Egypt, against the *Assyrians were removed to Nineveh. One of these *Necho I, the Prince of Sais and his son Psammetichus were returned to… …   Ancient Egypt

  • Forms of Government — It has been suggested that every government which has ever existed has been a prime example of kakistocracy, or the rule of the worst, but this list of 169 different types of leadership suggests that that might be a bit too simplistic. Each of… …   Phrontistery dictionary

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