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  • Dodecasyllabic — Do*dec a*syl*lab ic, a. [Gr. ? twelve + E. syllabic.] Having twelve syllables. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • dodecasyllabic — /doh dek euh si lab ik, doh dek /, adj. 1. consisting of or pertaining to 12 syllables. n. 2. a dodecasyllable. [1880 85; DODECA + SYLLABIC] * * * …   Universalium

  • dodecasyllabic — (|)dō|dekə+ adjective Etymology: dodeca + syllabic 1. : having or composed of 12 syllables 2. : of or related to a dodecasyllable * * * /doh dek euh si lab ik, doh dek /, adj. 1. consisting of or pertaining to 12 syllables. n. 2. a dodecasyllable …   Useful english dictionary

  • Batangas — Infobox Philippine province name = Batangas sealfile = Ph seal batangas.png region = CALABARZON (Region IV A) capital = Batangas City founded = March 10, 1917 pop2000 = 1,905,348 pop2000rank = 9th largest popden2000 = 602 popden2000rank = 7th… …   Wikipedia

  • Jacob of Serugh — ( sy. ܝܥܩܘܒ ܣܪܘܓܝܐ, unicode|Yaʿqûḇ Srûḡāyâ ; his toponym is also spelt Serug or Sarug ; c. 451 – 29 November 521) was one of the foremost Syriac poet theologians, perhaps only second in stature to Ephrem the Syrian and equal to Narsai. Where his… …   Wikipedia

  • Syriac music — is music in the Syriac language.Historically it is best known from and important for its part in the development of Christian sacred music since Antiquity.yrian hymnodyTo the general considerations on Hymnody and Hymnology must be added some… …   Wikipedia

  • Manuel Philes — (c. 1275–1345), of Ephesus, Byzantine poet. At an early age he removed to Constantinople, where he was the pupil of Georgius Pachymeres, in whose honour he composed a memorial poem. Philes appears to have travelled extensively, and his writings… …   Wikipedia

  • Jacob of Saruq — Jacob of Sarug [James of Sarugh.] (born at Kurtam, 451, probably in the district of Sarugh, the son of a priest; died at Batnan 29 November521) was a writer of the Syrian Church, described as the flute of the Holy Spirit and the harp of the… …   Wikipedia

  • dodeca- — a combining form meaning twelve, used in the formation of compound words: dodecasyllabic. Also, esp. before a vowel, dodec . [ < Gk dodeka , comb. form of dodekás twelve, equiv. to do TWO + dekas TEN] * * * …   Universalium

  • Jacob Of Serugh — ▪ Syrian writer Serugh also spelled  Sarug   born 451, Curtam [now Qurṭmān], Syria died November 521, Baṭnan, Osroëne [now in Turkey]       Syriac writer described for his learning and holiness as “the flute of the Holy Spirit and the harp of the …   Universalium

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