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  • elytrous — /ˈɛlətrəs/ (say eluhtruhs) adjective having elytra …  

  • elytrous — ˈelə.trəs adjective Etymology: elytr + ous : resembling or suggestive of an elytron …   Useful english dictionary

  • elytron — elytrous /el i treuhs/, adj. /el i tron /, n., pl. elytra / treuh/. one of the pair of hardened forewings of certain insects, as beetles, forming a protective covering for the posterior or flight wings. Also called wing case, wing cover. See diag …   Universalium

  • anelytrous — (ˈ)a|ne adjective Etymology: an + elytrous : without elytra * * * anelytrous, a. Ent. (əˈnɛlɪtrəs) [f. Gr. ἀνέλυτρος sheathless, f. ἀν priv. + ἔλυτρον a covering.] Not having the anterior wings converted into elytra or wing cases as in beetles,… …   Useful english dictionary

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