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  • epimerite — The hooklike anchoring structure at the anterior end of a cephaline gregarine sporozoan; it is left embedded in tissues when the rest of the cephalont is freed in the lumen of the intestine of the invertebrate host. [ …   Medical dictionary

  • epimerite — …   Useful english dictionary

  • GRÉGARINES — Les Grégarines, parasites des Invertébrés, sont des êtres vivants unicellulaires ou Protistes, de taille assez exceptionnelle puisqu’elles peuvent atteindre plusieurs millimètres de long. Par les particularités de leur reproduction ce sont des… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • protomerite — The second segment (lacking a nucleus) of a septate gregarine, between the epimerite and the deutomerite; it becomes the anterior end of the gamont after it has broken free of its host cell, leaving the epimerite embedded (usually in the gut …   Medical dictionary

  • Proctophyllodidae — Taxobox name = Proctophyllodidae image width = 240px image caption = regnum = Animalia phylum = Arthropoda subphylum = Chelicerata classis = Arachnida subclassis = Acarina superordo = Acariformes ordo = Astigmata unranked familia = Psoroptidia… …   Wikipedia

  • gregarine — /greg euh ruyn , euhr in/, n. 1. a type of sporozoan parasite that inhabits the digestive and other cavities of various invertebrates and produces cysts filled with spores. adj. 2. having the characteristics of or pertaining to a gregarine or… …   Universalium

  • cephaline — Denoting members of the protozoan suborder Cephalina (order Eugregarinida), characterized by bodies divided into chambers (anterior protomerite and posterior deutomerite, or anterior epimerite, protomerite, and terminal deutomerite); all are… …   Medical dictionary

  • cephalont — Adult stage of a cephaline gregarine, a sporozoan parasite commonly found in arthropods and other invertebrate hosts. The body is usually divided by a septum into an anterior epimerite and protomerite …   Medical dictionary

  • Coccidia — A subclass of important protozoa (class Sporozoea, phylum Apicomplexa) in which the mature trophozoites are small and typically intracellular; schizogony and sporogony can occur in the same host, in contrast to the gregarines ( …   Medical dictionary

  • coccidia — Plural of coccidium. * * * coc·cid·ia käk sid ē ə n pl 1) cap a large order of schizogonic telosporidian sporozoans typically parasites of the digestive epithelium of vertebrates and higher invertebrates and including several forms of great… …   Medical dictionary

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