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  • Ameer — A*meer , Amir A*mir , n. [See {Emir}.] 1. an independent ruler or chieftan (especially in Africa or Arabia). Same as {Emir}. [Obs.] Syn: emir, amir, emeer [1913 Webster + WordNet 1.5] 2. One of the Mohammedan nobility of Afghanistan and Scinde.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • ameer — [ə mir′] n. var. of EMIR (sense 1) …   English World dictionary

  • Ameer Hamza Shinwari — (Pashto: حمزه شينواری), born in Landi Kotal in the year 1907 and died in February 1994, was a famous Pashtun poet. He Belonged to the Shinwari tribe of the ethnic Pashtuns. Ameer Hamza s work is considered a fusion between classic and modern… …   Wikipedia

  • Ameer Sardar Dost Mohammad Khan Baloch — Ameer Sardar Dost Mohammad Khan Baranzai Baloch Balochi: امیر سردار دوست محمد خان بارانزی بلوچ Ameer Sardar Dost Mohammad Khan Baranzai Baloch (sitting 1st from left) with his aides and body guards, c1928. Born Dost Mohammad Khan/ Dost Jan Bampur …   Wikipedia

  • Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan — (born December 31, 1934 in British India) is Shaikh of the Islamic Naqshbandia Owaisiah of Tasawwuf/Sufism. He is a mufassir (commentator of the Quran); his tafseer is “Israr ul Tanzeel”. He is a flamboyant speaker, an inspiring leader, an… …   Wikipedia

  • Ameer (name) — Ameer (أمير) is an Arabic male given name meanining Commander or Prince . The female form is Ameera (أميرة). Sometimes, the name is written Amir in English, however, this will confuse it with another name, Amir (عامر).Peolple with the name Amir:… …   Wikipedia

  • Ameer Haider Khan Hoti — (Urdu: امیر حیدر خان ہوتی ) (born 5 February 1971) is a member of the Provincial Assembly of the North West Frontier Province and current Chief Minister of the province. [ [ Profile.php NWFP] Official NWFP website.… …   Wikipedia

  • Ameer Sachet — Ameer Sachet, born in 1963, is a Swedish politician of the Social Democratic Party. He has been a member of the Diksrag since 2006 and a replacement member of the Riksdag in 2002 and between 2005 2006. External links *… …   Wikipedia

  • Ameer Ali — is the ex President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, an umbrella group for various Islamic groups or councils in Australia. In 2006, he was the chairman of the Australian Muslim Community Reference Group, which was an advisory… …   Wikipedia

  • Ameer Bukhari — Infobox Person name = Ameer Bukhari birth name = Ameer Abbas Bukhari death date = September 11, 2000 death place = St. Lucie County International Airport, Fort Pierce, Florida, USA death cause = Aviation accident nationality = Saudi ethnicity =… …   Wikipedia

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