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  • ameloblastic fibrosarcoma — an odontogenic tumor that is the malignant counterpart to an ameloblastic fibroma, within which it usually arises. Called also ameloblastic sarcoma …   Medical dictionary

  • Ameloblastic fibroma — The ameloblastic fibroma is an odontogenic tumor arising from the enamel organ or dental lamina. It is more common in the first and second decades of life, and in 50% of cases an unerupted tooth is involved.References*Kahn, Michael A. Basic Oral… …   Wikipedia

  • ameloblastic fibro-odontoma — a variant form of ameloblastic fibroma in which enamel and dentin are formed …   Medical dictionary

  • ameloblastic — adjective see ameloblast …   Useful english dictionary

  • ameloblastic carcinoma — a type of ameloblastoma in which malignant epithelial transformation has occurred; the metastatic lesions do not resemble the primary tumor histologically, instead usually resembling squamous cell carcinoma. Cf. malignant ameloblastoma …   Medical dictionary

  • ameloblastic fibroma — an odontogenic tumor characterized by the simultaneous proliferation of both epithelial and mesenchymal tissue, without the formation of enamel or dentin …   Medical dictionary

  • ameloblastic hemangioma — hemangioameloblastoma …   Medical dictionary

  • ameloblastic layer — the inner layer of cells of the enamel organ, created by its invagination, which forms the enamel prisms …   Medical dictionary

  • ameloblastic odontoma — a rare, slow growing, mixed odontogenic tumor that combines the characteristics of composite odontoma and ameloblastoma, and occurs more commonly on the mandible than on the maxilla …   Medical dictionary

  • ameloblastic sarcoma — see under fibrosarcoma …   Medical dictionary

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